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Afterschool Programs

Paper Doll Making 

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Learning to read is one of the most important skills children can learn. Reading Eggs makes the learning to read journey fun, interactive, and highly rewarding for ages 2-13 – and it’s based on solid scientific research.

Expose your child to the joy of making a papercraft. This program will provide an opportunity for children to explore their creativity through art and design. The curriculum is designed to be fun, creative, and educational!

Paper doll making is a great way to introduce kids to the world of art and craft. Children can use their imagination as they create their own unique designs using simple materials such as old newspapers, glue sticks, markers, colors, scissors, and more. 

This program is designed to help children develop fine motor skills, build confidence, increase self-esteem, and learn problem-solving skills. It helps them become independent thinkers who love to express themselves creatively.

Outdoor Reading

Focusing on impact-driven activities. Turn the aimless hours after school into productive learning time by joining KLDI's Afterschool Program.

These programs are especially for kids who learn and think differently. 
Afterschool programs serve kids and children for the age group of 5yrs to 13yrs. These programs encompass a broad range of focus areas including 

  • Develop social skills. 

  • Make Learning more fun.

  • Enhance child's greatness.

  • Creativity. 

  • Build Confidence.

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