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Corporate Programs

Corporate Training Program

Corporate Programs

Optimistic and efficient team members are essential for the effective functioning of any business. The employees have to be charged with confidence and competence to inspire those working around them; This would result in highly motivated employees engaging in the corporate vision and functioning towards achieving the organisation’s goals.


KLDI’s programs are aimed to boost the morale of the employees and to bring out the best out of them at workplace which in turn will be helping in achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Training Program
We Offer to Corporate Clients

Softskill Programs

  1. Discipline

  2. Negotiation Skills

  3. Time Management

  4. Communication Skills

  5. Positive Thinking

  6. Working as a team

  7. Self-Motivation

  8. Leadership Skill

  9. Frugality 

  10. Personal Grooming

  11. Ability to work under pressure

  12. Confidence

  13. Problem Solving Skills

  14. Business communication

  15. Presentation Skills

  16. Goal Settings

  17. Assertiveness

  18. Emotional Intelligence

  19. Work Ethics

  20. Body Language

  21. Work Life Balance

  22. Team Building 

  23. Public Speaking 

  24. Stress Management 

  25. Open Mindness

  26. Critical Thinking 

  27. Art of Decision making 

  28. Self-Awarness

  29. Taking Responsibilities

  30. Focus

Other Services

  1. PoSH Training

  2. HR Consultant

  3. Non-IT Recruitment 

  4. Payroll Payroll Processing

  5. Statutory Compliance

  6. Counselling to Women Employees

  7. Women Wellness Session

  8. Creating Business Presentation

For a customized "Corporate Program" reach us today at +91-87544-99108 

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