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This service is not available, please contact for more information.

Mandala Art for Kids

Hand-eye coordination, development of intelligence and reasoning.

Service Description

Mandalas are everywhere! The word mandala is a Sanskrit term that means “circle” and in fact a mandala is a circular structure and is representative of the belief that the universe is infinite. All aspects of life as seen in the sun, moon, community circles, friends, and family; all of which are representations of the word mandala. Mandala’s pattern can be interpreted as a model for the organizational structure of life, a type of cosmic diagram. It's a form of Mindfulness art. Benefits of learning Mandalas Art: 1.Mandalas are often used in art therapy for children to help restore mental balance and process emotions. Since mandalas require a certain level of concentration, they allow the artist to focus on the creative process instead of ruminating on potentially negative or anxious thoughts. 2. Mandalas considered as a free form of art, which allows children to openly express their creativity through it’s design. 3. While many children do not meditate, Mandala can build meditative moments into their busy days, which will encourage them to pause and slow down. Join KLDI's "Mandala Art" today. For more details please contact us.

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