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Reading Habits

Learning to read is the most important skills children can learn.

Service Description

Books are our best friends! How often do we read books to our children? If we don't read to them, they won't develop an affinity towards reading. Reading is crucial for children's cognitive development. Children who read regularly tend to develop better language skills and become more confident readers. Reading also helps to build vocabulary, improves critical thinking, and encourages creativity. The sooner a child starts reading, the easier it becomes for him/her to enjoy reading later in life. If you want your child to develop reading life-long habits, you should encourage them to read for at least two hours each day. However, if you struggle to get them interested in reading, KLDI can help. We provide courses that teach students how to improve their reading skills. At KLDI, our programs are designed to help children to improvise their reading and writing skills. The aim of our courses is to encourage children to read independently. In addition, the program trains the children to identify words and sentences and correlate them in a meaningful manner. Why "Reading Habits" for Kids and Children are important? 1. Improve concentration and memory. 2. Vocabulary Expansion. 3. Enhance Knowledge. 4. Increase Creativity 5. Helps to feel relaxed. Weekly 2 classes for one hour each | Limited Seats | Individual attention. To know more please contact us.

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